I would highly highly recommend the fit with Sera Lilly app. I have found that the team are an amazing bunch of people who are there to help and support you no matter what the situation is.

They always check up to see how we are going and knowing I have that support and reminder really helps me. The meals are simple, affordable but very delicious. Definitely family friendly.

I absolutely love the workouts, I crave that burn. The workout are a good length of time, easy to follow with the videos and instructions to help you.

I get very excited in the morning knowing I have a workout to do, it’s so enjoyable. The feeling you get after working out is amazing.

Knowing you achieved your goal of finishing your workout and done it without giving up is amazing.

Just think to yourself, it’s mind over matter. You are strong, you can do this. All the pain, sweat and tears will be worth it <3