After having my 2nd baby the Sera Lilly app has helped me find me again by knowing I can take some me time by going off and doing a workout or going for a walk (although if I’m going for a walk bubs is usually in the pram, and the fresh air is great from clearing your mind).

I find this app amazing, so easy to follow with delicious recipes, you can either cook it for yourself or for your family as well, it generates a shopping list for you so it takes the thinking out of what you have to buy come grocery day.

The ingredients that you have to get don’t make your shopping bill any more expensive. The home workouts are easy to follow and have instructional videos for you to watch if you’re not sure on how to do the move.

I love how this is all just in your pocket and you can pull it out at anytime and do a workout or check what’s on the menu for the day.

Thanks again Sera for this opportunity.